We’re gutted with our silver medal

Last week Forty Two received further recognition as leaders in the financial planning profession when we were awarded runners up in the Institute of Financial Planning’s David Norton Building Excellence Award at the IFP Conference. Most people would say that we should be over the moon with this but to be honest we are gutted with our silver medal.

This got me thinking about the Olympics, which seems like a lifetime ago already, and the way that different athletes reacted to their results; some had won a silver or bronze while others had lost gold.

One of the best examples of this was the GB Sailing Team. Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell were “happy boys” and joked that “they’ll be dancing in the sheep pens of Tiree” after winning silver. They went on to talk about how their lives had been changed and nothing would ever be the same again.

At the other extreme Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark were “gutted” to receive silver and talked about a feeling of letting everyone down. However, after they had had a chance for disappointment settle down and get things into perspective they spoke of going to Rio in 2016 to get their gold medal.

Afterwards, Stephen Park the GB Sailing Team Manager was quoted as saying “We want people to be gutted that they have not won gold because that is what they have to strive for. If they don’t then they haven’t a hope in hell of winning gold.”

So what does this mean for Forty Two?

Well, one week on the disappointment has receded slightly and we have started putting things in perspective. Many people have reminded us of the extent of our achievement in being runners up in such a prestigious award. We should be pleased with the recognition, but to be honest we are still gutted! At Forty Two we want to be the gold medallists of financial planning. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible service and value for money. We will be back fitter, faster and stronger in the future as we continue to improve our service for the benefit of the only people who really matter – the clients who put their trust in us to help them achieve their personal vision of financial success.

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