I contacted Alan by recommendation in 2010. At that time I was approaching 50 and had four Personal Pension Policies and did not have a clue about Financial Planning. From our very first meeting I was impressed with Forty Two Wealth Management. I was not, and have never felt that I have been, sold anything. This was so refreshing as I have had dealings with so called Financial Advisors (Independent (allegedly) and also from within Banking Institutions) and have always been left with the feeling that I was under pressure to buy into something and the “Advisor” was only thinking of their commission. Alan Dick as he said himself is not a salesman, he offered genuine advice.

My wife and I completed a full Financial Review which was a real eye opener. Where does your money go? We also completed a Risk Profile which again was very interesting. All this was fully documented and explained giving full details of income and expenditure and Net Worth. I would recommend this to anyone particularly in my age group.

As a result of working with Alan I have amalgamated all my pensions into 1 Pension Portfolio which is in line with my Risk Profile and I have full access to this online 24/7. I am not fully convinced on the Return on Pensions particularly at the present time however as a Tax efficient way of saving it is definitely the way forward for me.
To sum up Alan Dick will give you genuine sound advice in relation to any Financial Matters and I would certainly recommend the process that we went through with him. I am now happy to know that the Financial side of our lives (which I don’t really have the time to deal with) is in good hands.