Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk

At this time of year many people make PLANS for the future. We often make New Year’s resolutions – which are usually about things we are going to stop doing or things we don’t really want to do but feel obliged (often shamed) to do like go on a diet or join a gym. This  often takes the form of short term ACTIONS.

Surely, we should start with the big VISION not the mundane tasks?

In fact, once we have a clear VISION we often find that the strength of the vision pulls us to take the necessary steps to achieve our goals like some giant magnet. Without a clear VISION we often need to force ourselves to take actions we really don’t want to. When we reluctantly take action we often find the discipline to stick to the plan is lacking.

This year, instead of starting with some resolutions for next year try PLANNING ahead for the YEARS to come. Really let your IMAGINATION go wild and DREAM.

I would like to thank my friend and fellow IFP Board member Andrew Brook-Dobson of Harrogate based Accredited Financial Planning Firm Brook-Dobson Breer for bringing the following short video to my attention recently. It only lasts for a little under 2 minutes which isn’t a lot of time to give up for something that could change your life.

WATCH THE VIDEO then let your mind start thinking about the questions and JUST DREAM.*

Sometimes DREAMS really can come true but only if we move them from DREAMS to PLANS, we IMPLEMENT OUR PLANS and MONITOR PROGRESS toward our goals.

However, the first stage must be to DREAM. If you don’t have a dream how you gonna have a dream come true?


*I have no connection with the “5” book or Compendium Incorporated, in fact I haven’t even read it but the video says everything I need to hear.

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