Three Steps To Heaven

At Forty Two we provide a service which is often referred to as Lifestyle Financial Planning. When I say that to most people they get a picture of some Californian hippie, hugging trees and smoking wacky backy while chanting some strange incantation or mantra. It’s not like that, honest! I do now have a mantra … Continued

To Fail To Plan Is To Plan To Fail

For years now I have been banging on about the need for proper financial planning. It’s often a lonely experience as the weight of the media thrusts its consumerist propaganda of sod the future live life now buy whatever you want because “you’re worth it”. This kind of reckless spending on the debt fuelled merry-go-round … Continued

We’re gutted with our silver medal

Last week Forty Two received further recognition as leaders in the financial planning profession when we were awarded runners up in the Institute of Financial Planning’s David Norton Building Excellence Award at the IFP Conference. Most people would say that we should be over the moon with this but to be honest we are gutted … Continued

Cross Border Financial Planning Issues – Closer Than You Realise?

Regardless of your views on the issue of a Scottish Independence Referendum it is important to realise that Scotland is already different from the rest of the UK in many ways that impact on Financial Planning decisions. Some of these are outlined below: Age of maturity – In England and Wales a child reaches the … Continued

Waste Not

I noticed an article in The Times today which got me thinking about the real difference between Financial Planning and traditional Financial Advice. The article highlighted that the UK Government has “wasted” £31 billion in the last two years. Yes that is thirty one thousand million pounds! The Government has penciled in a total of … Continued

Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk

At this time of year many people make PLANS for the future. We often make New Year’s resolutions – which are usually about things we are going to stop doing or things we don’t really want to do but feel obliged (often shamed) to do like go on a diet or join a gym. This  … Continued