Three Steps To Heaven

At Forty Two we provide a service which is often referred to as Lifestyle Financial Planning. When I say that to most people they get a picture of some Californian hippie, hugging trees and smoking wacky backy while chanting some strange incantation or mantra. It’s not like that, honest! I do now have a mantra … Continued

Happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk

At this time of year many people make PLANS for the future. We often make New Year’s resolutions – which are usually about things we are going to stop doing or things we don’t really want to do but feel obliged (often shamed) to do like go on a diet or join a gym. This  … Continued

Some truths about money

Money is a wonderful thing if used correctly. It is a great enabler and can provide comfort and security for us and our loved ones. However, when managing our money becomes the goal over living our LIVES we know it is time to step back and reassess our life. That is where financial life planning … Continued