What makes us different?

Last week I published an article answering the question, “How have you put comprehensive financial planning at the heart of your business and what difference does your financial planning service make to your clients?“. Part two of this short series addresses the second question I was asked to come up with an answer to, also … Continued

Worse than Dick Turpin

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of retail investment funds using hedge fund management strategies and, even more worryingly, hedge fund style fee structures. This is something that really concerns me so I though I should explain why in a blog article. Traditional investment funds buy assets such as … Continued

Is the FTSE 100 really a measure of UK companies?

The FTSE 100 index of the UK’s top 100 companies is supposed to be representative of the UK stockmarket but is it? The list of the UK’s biggest 100 companies changes on Monday (19th December) at which point 3 companies will be relegated and 3 new companies will gain promotion into the stockmarket premier league. … Continued

Celebrate Good Times C’mon…….

So sang Kool And The Gang back in 1980. Well, the good times are back, apparently. Last week the UK stock market had its best week since 2009 and the upswing continued yesterday as France and Germany appeared ready to take over Europe without the need for armies to march. So is this the start … Continued