Top 10 Investment Tips

The media would have you believe that a successful investment experience comes from picking stocks, timing your entry and exit points, making accurate predictions and outguessing the market. Is there a better way? It’s true that some people do get lucky by making bets on certain stocks and sectors or getting in or out at … Continued

How much is financial advice worth?

Treating Customers Fairly The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has a policy that advisers must follow called Treating Customers Fairly (TCF). I actually find it worrying that something so basic even NEEDS a regulatory policy and its very own acronym. But apparently lots of advisers don’t treat their customers fairly. Surely, any reasonable adviser would want … Continued

Women control 80% of family financial decisions

Women get a raw deal financially Women generally live longer than men. Women are often a few years younger than their spouses. Therefore, it is highly likely that most women will become widows at some point in their life. One recent article suggested that “85% of women will be left alone to fend for themselves … Continued

The single biggest investment mistake – and almost everyone makes it

What is the single biggest investment mistake almost everybody makes? If you could pick just one thing what would it be? •    lack of diversification •    holding too much (or not enough) in shares •    over (or under) exposure to emerging markets •    perhaps holding government bonds when “everyone can see it’s a bubble waiting … Continued

The value of proper independent financial advice could be 10% each year!

There appears to be a perception that independent financial advice is expensive and unnecessary.  In a recent article in our Long And Winding Road series, B&Q and Financial Planning, I discussed the implications for independent financial advice given the rise of the DIY investor. In a recent report KPMG  highlighted a significant rise in the … Continued

People who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk

Frank Zappa once said that most music journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read. That sounds a lot like much of the financial press to me! Obviously, as with most things in life, there are exceptions and there are some very fine financial journalists doing a … Continued

Pensions, Investments and Heinz Baked Beans

In my last blog Three Steps To Heaven I outlined my three simple steps to successful Financial Planning – Define It, Cost It, Fund It. You may recall that the two most important steps define your desired lifestyle and work out how much this will cost have nothing to do with financial products. It is … Continued

A “failed experiment”?

Our client portfolios often include funds from Dimensional Fund Advisers (DFA) so we thought it might be interesting to hear some words of wisdom from the horses mouth. Today we have a guest blog from Weston Wellington, Vice President of DFA. Weston is known for his insightful analysis and ability to communicate in an interesting … Continued

Team GB’s Olympic Success Predicts Bumper Year for UK Investors

The Olympics are over for another four years. What an amazing spectacle and didn’t Team GB do well? Even a total Bah Humbug like me who expected a national disaster complete with traffic chaos and disappointment in the medal targets couldn’t help but be carried away with the mood and the media coverage. There has … Continued