People who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk

Frank Zappa once said that most music journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read. That sounds a lot like much of the financial press to me! Obviously, as with most things in life, there are exceptions and there are some very fine financial journalists doing a … Continued

Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law

One of the benefits of living in a developed, civilised society is the access to things we take for granted; things like medical care, education, roads, etc. Unfortunately, these all have to be paid for somehow and money doesn’t grow on trees you know. Our Governments fund their spending plans out of income and borrowing … Continued

Pensions, Investments and Heinz Baked Beans

In my last blog Three Steps To Heaven I outlined my three simple steps to successful Financial Planning – Define It, Cost It, Fund It. You may recall that the two most important steps define your desired lifestyle and work out how much this will cost have nothing to do with financial products. It is … Continued

Three Steps To Heaven

At Forty Two we provide a service which is often referred to as Lifestyle Financial Planning. When I say that to most people they get a picture of some Californian hippie, hugging trees and smoking wacky backy while chanting some strange incantation or mantra. It’s not like that, honest! I do now have a mantra … Continued

To Fail To Plan Is To Plan To Fail

For years now I have been banging on about the need for proper financial planning. It’s often a lonely experience as the weight of the media thrusts its consumerist propaganda of sod the future live life now buy whatever you want because “you’re worth it”. This kind of reckless spending on the debt fuelled merry-go-round … Continued

What is a pension anyway and who really cares?

I often hear people moan about pensions being poor investments. They might say something like, “the returns have been so dreadful I would have been better investing in an ISA, buy-to-let property or even sticking cash under the mattress”. This thinking is flawed as it confuses the tax treatment of pensions with the actual investments … Continued

We’re gutted with our silver medal

Last week Forty Two received further recognition as leaders in the financial planning profession when we were awarded runners up in the Institute of Financial Planning’s David Norton Building Excellence Award at the IFP Conference. Most people would say that we should be over the moon with this but to be honest we are gutted … Continued

Forty Two Wealth Management named as one of UK’s Top 100 advisers

We are proud to be listed in the Citywire New Model Adviser Top 100 most influential advisers in the UK. New Model Adviser editor Daniel Grote said “the New Model Adviser® Top 100 is our selection of the top movers and shakers”. “Whittling down the list to just 100 has proved a challenging task. But … Continued

A “failed experiment”?

Our client portfolios often include funds from Dimensional Fund Advisers (DFA) so we thought it might be interesting to hear some words of wisdom from the horses mouth. Today we have a guest blog from Weston Wellington, Vice President of DFA. Weston is known for his insightful analysis and ability to communicate in an interesting … Continued

Death of a salesman: coming of age of a Financial Planner

You may already be aware that the current system of financial advice in the UK is about to come to an abrupt end. After midnight on 31st December Financial Advisers, including IFAs, will need to have obtained a much higher level of qualification. The changes are part of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Retails Distribution … Continued