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It is often said that retirement is the longest holiday of our life but most people underestimate just how long their savings will need to last. Someone retiring in their 60s could easily expect to enjoy another 30 years or more of retirement. The most important concern in this scenario is to make sure that we don’t outlive our money.

We specialise in retirement advice and have in-depth knowledge of pensions both pre-retirement and post-retirement. We are qualified to advise on pension transfers, which is important when reorganising a disparate group of pension products into a unified retirement planning strategy.

While many financial advisers see pensions as a stand-alone product, we see pensions as simply another tool in the toolbox to help our clients achieve their overall financial objectives. The real issue is the investment that underpins the retirement strategy. The fact that investments may be held within a pension contract is simply a matter of tax efficiency.

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