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Estate Planning is all about people.

Too often the words Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning are used interchangeably as if minimising Inheritance Tax is somehow the goal of estate planning.
Money and assets may be what gets distributed in an estate plan but it is people that matter.

Who do you want to benefit from your wealth, and when?

Should you distribute some of your estate during your lifetime when you can see the recipients enjoy it, or wait until after you are no longer here?

If you do want to make gifts during your lifetime, how much can you afford to give away without affecting your own financial security?

Do you want to protect assets or retain some sort of control, perhaps to protect people from the burden of wealth?

We will assist you with the consideration of your estate. We will consider minimising your Inheritance Tax and establishing investments that will meet those costs when they arise. We will discuss your particular priorities and recommend the appropriate, and cost-effective route for you.

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